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Event: Maritime English Standards (MarTEL) Conference
Dates: Friday 23rd November 2012
Time: 09:00 – 16:30
Place: Royal Institution of Naval Architects, 10 Belgrave Street, London
Country: United Kingdom

The Maritime English Standards (MarTEL) Conference is being held on the 23rd November as part of the International Maritime Training week, which is taking place in Slovenia and the UK between 19th and 23rd November 2012.

The latest international maritime requirements state that “at all times onboard ships there shall be effective communication”. The number of accidents and incidents at sea due to communication failures and human errors are of a significant number claiming a large number of lives and substantial material loss. Therefore this conference is an ideal platform to discuss and present the latest mediums in which to assess seafarer competencies in using the English language.

The conference is being hosted by the MarTEL Plus partnership, which is involved in two EU funded projects: MarTEL and MarTEL Plus. These aim to develop a range of standards and tests in Maritime English for the various roles of seafarers. They are supported by a range of learning and teaching materials and guidelines and mobile applications to give greater accessibility to test takers and improve their revision. The ultimate aim of these projects is to improve the level of safety at sea throughout the world.

The specific aims of this conference are to inform maritime authorities, organisations and professional bodies, on a local, national and international level, about the latest developments in Maritime English. Furthermore, it endeavours to communicate the latest news and materials to Maritime Education and Training (MET) policymakers, maritime institutions, teachers, seafarers, test centres, shipping companies and cadets. Through this promotion, it is hoped that these parties will support the need for International Standards in Maritime English, its future growth and global acceptance.

Topics being discussed at the Maritime English Standards (MarTEL) conference will include:

  • how do we ensure seafarers communicate effectively onboard, and ensure that it's in-line with the latest International requirements?
  • how do we best assess the English language skills of seafarers?
  • how do we develop a comprehensive process for evaluation of English language oral skills?
  • how do gain in International recognisation for assessment in the English language skills of seafarers? How do we establish International standards in English competency for seafarers?

Discussions and presentations on the above will take place during the conference and new and novel standards and tests will be showcased through demonstrations and workshops. These will demonstrate several competencies of English across different seafarer ranks and positions, delivered through learning and teaching materials and mobile applications.

The ultimate objective of this conference is to improve the level of safety at sea throughout the world, increase seafarer mobility across Europe and worldwide and to engage with academics and policy makers in the maritime industry in order to encourage support and adoption of the International standards in Maritime English.

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