The Project

The MarTEL Plus project will transfer knowledge collated in the recently concluded MarTEL project into new and innovative media, features, and materials.

At the International Maritime Organisation’s Maritime Safety Committee (IMO MSC) meeting in 2010, English language requirements for ratings were introduced to the STCW convention and code. The first aim of the project is to respond to these requirements by developing a maritime English standard for ratings. In the creation of this new standard, MarTEL Plus will make use of knowledge generated during the creation of maritime English standards created for officers in the recently concluded MarTEL project.

The second aim of the project is to introduce additional features and functionalities to the MarTEL I.T. platform, making the MarTEL tests more accessible to users via mobile media. MarTEL users will be able to take practice tests on their mobile phones, which will increase the appeal and accessibility of the tests.

Thirdly, MarTEL Plus will create a set of guidelines for each of the four MarTEL standards (from ratings to senior officers) for teachers of maritime English. This will assist them in developing the content of their lessons when preparing a class to take a MarTEL test. Providing teachers with guidelines detailing how to prepare learners for the tests will include them in the process, and facilitate an enhanced experience for both learners and teachers.

Finally, a more comprehensive process for the evaluation of oral competency will be developed. This enhanced oral evaluation will be conducted face to face, and will serve as an accurate and thorough way of assessing maritime English.

The intention of MarTEL Plus is to supplement the existing MarTEL standards and promote their application. The ultimate aim of the project is to improve safety at sea by providing a means for seafarers to improve their English. This proposal addresses the need for standards and more comparable and compatible higher education systems in Europe, is in line with the requirements of the Bologna Process. The MarTEL Plus standards will be transformed into BTEC Professional Awards and HND Units, and will thus attain ECTS status. This is expected to have a huge impact.

The partnership is made up of a number of leading maritime education and training institutions. The combination of their expertise will ensure that the aims are achieved and the results produced are of the highest quality and are in keeping with the existing MarTEL standards. The maritime vocational education and training system is expected to be transformed, as MarTEL Plus will complete the MarTEL standards and enable them to be adopted throughout Europe.